Why work harder when you can work smarter?!

Today I am sharing my top 10 iPhone apps* that help me get the work done with less hassle! And guess what? They are all FREE!

There are so many benefits of working on a laptop or desktop: larger screen, physical keyboard, less strain on my eyes and headaches, side-by-side windows & more! But I can't help but love the convince of having helpful apps on my phone that make business processes a little more convenient. For the purpose of this article, I will be talking about Apple products (MacBook, iPad, and iPhone 7). That is not to say that they are not available for non-apple users, but they might vary slightly.

*apps are non-affiliated links & will not generate income for All Things Lu



Sounds lame right? About 80% of the photos I use aren't taken on a fancy camera. While I do have a Nikon D3200 camera, I prefer to use my iPhone to take photos (usually on the square format and grid option) and simply airdrop them to my Mac laptop. Not only does it save time, but it is much more convenient because I always have my phone with me. Once I edit the photos (discussed below), I simply airdrop them to my MacBook, saving them to the downloads folder. "Airdropping" photos does not compromise the quality of the original photo and is a much quicker process than uploading to various devices. 


This is my favorite photo editing app of ALL TIME. I can't recommend it enough. It has more editing options than other apps and is super simple to use. With features such as brightness control, highlight, and saturation, you can tune the image with ease and also undo any actions you make on the photo. I typically export as a saved copy so that I can maintain the original picture. I also use this app to create a white border around my photos. You might not even notice that my borders are larger until you see my feed cohesively.

My favorite feature? Selective editing! This brush allows you to drop markers to edit certain areas of the picture and increase the brightness, contrast, saturation, and structure to compensate for shadows or reflective areas. I use this especially often with white backgrounds or objects so that my photos aren't too overexposed.



I have recently discovered this app and it will change the way you create instagram stories! Not only is it super easy to use, but this app lets you choose from various layout designs while maintaining a minimal style. You can insert one or many pictures depending on the layout, videos, and various text designs and then directly share to your instagram story or other social media accounts. You can make folders that house multiple slides so that you can plan ahead of time what to say and when to say it.  



With the ever-changing Instagram Algorithm, it is more and more difficult for others to see your posts. Instagram Stories are a quick way to share what you have been up to! Cut story allows you to cut a video into small, continuous segments to upload to your stories. While the free version does insert a small watermark into the bottom left corner, it is never noticeable to bother me.


Did you know that you can add websites to your home screen for easy access? I learned this trick last year and it has been a lifesaver! The most recent additions to my home screen have been my own website landing page and my dashboard for Dubsado (the client management software I use -- if you want more info on this, send me a message!).

To add a page to your home screen : once you are on the page you want to save, click the share button (middle button on the bottom of your screen). When the options menu appears, look to the bottom row. scroll left and find the "add to home screen" button that looks like a box with a plus sign. From there, you can edit what the icon is called. Click "add" and it will create an icon with a picture from the website as the image.



I first discovered this app in college because I didn't want to walk all the way to library to pay to use the scanner. Since then, it has been so helpful for my business! DocScan allows you to take a photo of a document or book and "scan" it into a pdf or jpeg file. It is incredibly easy to navigate and does not compromise the clarity of the document. 

Some of the features I like : you can take a picture or upload from your photo album; crop and straighten pictures for a more professional look; group files together into a single document; black & white or color copies; and saving or sharing files via email or Dropbox. 



Last fall, my computer crashed -- and by crashed, I mean I lost EVERYTHING. I sobbed for literally a week. Months of photos, documents, and my entire business folder. It was so bad that I had to recreate my business logo the best I could because I didn't even have that file anymore. I know, I know... why didn't I have everything stored in iCloud? Well, I didn't have enough storage and didn't want to buy more. 

Since then, I have saved everything to Dropbox and it has put me at ease. While the free Dropbox account does have a storage limit, it takes a lot to reach it. I have an external hard drive that I backup my documents and photos on every 3 months, which allows me to clear off the amount of files that I am storing on my physical computer. 

There are many different file storage systems out there, but my go-to has always been Dropbox. By downloading the app and logging in on all my devices, I can easily access my files and photos from anywhere! I can't tell you how many times it has saved me at the print shop or at client meetings. When you download on your desktop, you can add it to the finder window -- you don't have to log into the webpage each time! Working smarter, not harder, remember?


The iMovie app is pre-installed and I just started using it recently. I love to upload real-time videos to Instagram, but so many times they are over the 60 second duration limit. For example, lettering videos from my workbook are usually way too long. But in iMovie, I can shorted the video after a few demonstrations on a lowercase letter and fade it into the same demonstration of a uppercase letter. It is easy to use and can be accessed from any iPhone, iPad, and desktop. I also use iMovie to add watermarks to videos to prevent others from stealing/copying work. (Possibly a post on this soon? Let me know in comments below!)


This is the exact opposite of iMovie. Hyperlapse allows you to take a real-time video and speed it up to 12x the original length, allowing you to fit a long process video into a short amount of time. There is no account required and is very simple to use because of it's minimal design. Easily save the videos to your camera roll and then upload to social media. It is perfect for Instagram video duration limits and other long tedious projects where you want viewers to be able to quickly see the process or end result.


If you have an Etsy shop, this is a must. Edit listings on the go; create and share shop updates; view listings and customer orders; respond timely to customer messages and inquiries; and so much more! This app is separate from the traditional Etsy app. Look at it this way -- the Etsy app is for the purchaser to view other shops and products, while the Sell on Etsy app is for the shop owners and listing management.

My favorite perk of the app? The "cha-ching" sound for every new purchase from my shop! It sounds juvenile, but it really adds a boost to my step knowing that my hard work is paying off -- literally!



So now that you have heard about my favorite apps, did I miss any? What are your favorites iPhone apps? Drop your comments or suggestions below!


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