Thanks for being here! Today I want to feature the iPad app, Procreate, in a tutorial focusing on a single stem with leaves design and making patterns. I use Procreate for lettering, design, color palettes and so much more. I’ll walk you through each step in order to create your own stem pattern!

I have been blown away by all the love on my last tutorial post — Floral Tutorial in Procreate App — which (in my opinion) is a bit more extensive. Once you master today’s leaf pattern, click the title blue link above to check it out!


MATERIALS : iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate App


STEP 1: Create rough draft stem design

After opening the Procreate app, create a new canvas from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner. I chose the standard screen size, which is 2224x1668px. Using the 6B pencil (comes with the app in the sketching folder), draw a stem with leaves. Be creative and don’t be afraid to overlap leaves for an authentic look. It doesn’t have to be perfect — this step is to create a preliminary design. For this project, we will be using the same design for the whole canvas.


STEP 2: Draw final stem design

Create a new layer above the draft layer. Use the monoline brush (comes with the app, also) to trace over your finished draft design. Go slowly and be precise. This will be the final outline of the stem.

STEP 3: Make a copy of layer and “uncheck” visibility.

Once you are happy with your stem with leaves, duplicate the layer. Then “uncheck” or hide the layer. This will be your backup/safety incase you need it!


STEP 4: Make copy of layer and move/rotate to new position.

To copy, slide left on the layer and tap duplicate. Then, select the new layer (click the “arrow” on the tool bar). Once selected, you need to rotate it into the new position. You can do this two different ways—

  1. Once selected, you will notice there is a green dot at the top of the selection. Tap and hold down the green dot. While holing down the screen, move the object to rotate the shape.

  2. Once selected, use two fingers and twist on the screen. This will rotate the shape into place.

*Note: For rotation, I like to leave the magnetic rotate on. Simply turn it off if the placement is not exactly where you want it.

Untitled_Artwork 22.jpg

STEP 5: Repeat step 4 for entire canvas space

Continue to copy, move, and rotate stem layers until the canvas is filled. Once you are happy with your design, the “backup” design layer can either be deleted or remain hidden. Then, merge layers together by opening the layers panel, then pinching all layers together. You can also tap the layer, revealing a drop down menu and choose the merge down function.

Untitled_Artwork 23.jpg

STEP 6 : Add color to you final design

Create a new layer and move it underneath the black + white flower layer. For this project, I am using two greenery colors (one darker, one lighter) to create contrast.

Using the willow charcoal brush (found in the charcoals brush folder), select a darker green and color in the small, bottom portion of all the leaves. You might think that this doesn’t matter because the spaces are so small, but it makes a difference!

Then, use the lighter green and fill in the top section of all the leaves.

DO NOT merge any more layers together.


STEP 10: (optional) color background

The final optional step (as pictured at the beginning of post) is creating an background layer. Create one final layer and move it to the bottom of the layer stack. Then fill it with desired color (I chose a light, pale yellow).

A tip to make this process quicker : once you have your background color selected, tap the blank layer to reveal the drop down menu. Then, select fill layer.


And that is it! I hope you enjoy learning different ways to make patters and use the Procreate app. Below is a quick video of my process! As always, comment below with your questions or issues — I’ll do my best to answer them and you might help someone else when they start creating their piece.



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