Happy New Year! I know… I am a bit late. But I needed a break. You may have noticed that I spent a little time off of instagram and have not opened back up my shop. I must admit… I was feeling a little burnt out.

I spent most of November and December preparing to move across the country — 26 hours of driving from New Mexico to South Carolina. I was overwhelmed (in the best way) by the holiday orders I had fooding my inbox while being overwhelmed (in the worst way) by all the preparations to move. Pack an order. Pack a moving box. Repeat.

We are now settled in our new home in South Carolina and are so blessed to have had safe travels and calm transitions in our new home, but what does that mean for my business?

IMG_2510 2.jpg

The holidays were a time for me to unplug and unwind because thats what my mind and body needed. I have felt unmotivated. Anxious. Uninspired. And I have struggled with what direction to take my business. My goal and focus is always growth and the new year is the perfect time for transitions and a refresh to my shop. To be honest with you, I haven’t even started. This time last year, I was hitting the ground running with my new year business goals and new shop products, but I haven’t found the time yet to do that. Does that make me a failure?

This year, I want to focus on being my most authentic self — transparent with both my personal life and my business wins + failures. And while I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, I am excited to face the year and wherever God leads me + All Things Lu. This is where I start — by telling you that you don’t have to have it all together (I definitely don’t!) and it’s okay to figure things out as you go!

One exciting thing I want to share with you quickly! This month’s email subscriber freebie will be going out soon and you won’t want to miss it! I won’t reveal the details just yet, but I will give you a hint of what to expect — I want you all to feel inspired to learn something new, so this year will be all about lettering lesson and practice sheets! To receive these straight to your inbox, fill out the mailing list form below!

If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you for supporting me + my business! I just wanted to explain where I’ve been for the last few weeks and about what I have experienced. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uninspired, or anything in between — know you aren’t alone!